Solo Exhibitions > . . . With Love

Mixed Greens, NY 2004

Mixed Greens is pleased to present ...With Love, Chicago-based artist Howard Fonda's first solo exhibition in New York. In ...With Love, Howard Fonda will exhibit new paintings and drawings, as well as a sculpture. Asserting a geometric form and banded color, Fonda's abstractions furthur his investigation of love, truth and existence.

Employing a simple perspective, Fonda's paintings are littered with diamonds, convergent "events" of color, and occasional text. Fonda characterizes his work as a realistic representation of abstract thought. With melioristic fervor, form and color define feeling and emotion, enlivening and intellectualizing commonly feared notions of Modernism. Actively addressing their audience, Fonda's works initiate a formal conversation, then digress toward the transcendental meaning found within relationships, nature, community, spirit and self.

Ripe with romantic overtones and tempered with simplistic form, ...With Love gives hope to a hopeful time.